Kosher in North Queensland


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Kosher For Purchase Around North QLD

  • Click Here for our handy List of various common Kosher items available in Supermarkets around Australia   
  • Meat and Kosher Dry Goods

Coles supermarket in Clifton Beach (a suburb in the Northern beaches) has a kosher section in the normal grocery section has a wide variety of kosher foods including; Gefilta fish, soup mixes, soup nuts, ramen noodles, chocolates, sweets, chips, canned goods, salad dressings, marinades, dried fruit, grape juice, matza and much more. The Coles Supermarket staff also have a copy of the Kosher Australia Food Guide for any person who needs assistance with the food products that are kosher in the other sections of the store.

These pictures below are just an example of what is available. 


  • Wine

Dan Murphy's in Smithfield (A suburb of the Northern beaches) and Earlville (closer to the city) has a selection of kosher wine and grape juice. Including Barkan, Kedem and kinor varieties. 

  • Baked Goods

In any Coles and Woolworth's around North Queensland you can buy kosher Mountain Bread wraps (not pas yisroel) and in Coles, Kosher Pas Yisroel Coles brand Bagels, Alpine sliced breads, Nomad Turkish Pide and MEB wraps and Pita's (all pas yisrael). There is also a whole range of sprouted grain breads (all Pas Yisroel) available in health food stores located around the city. The Pure Life Sprouted grains come in many varieties including Wheat, Spelt, Rye, Essence Supreme, Ezekiel bread, Blackcake and Sourdough and all are Pas Yisroel. Townsville has its own health food stores.

Kuranda Foodworks and Port Douglas IGA sometimes sells Glicks kosher Challah and bagels 


  • Kosher food in general

In Australia there are many regular products that you can buy in any supermarket that are kosher already even without a symbol on their packaging. For a full kosher product directory online for free you can go to the Kashrut Authority website,com_kosherdb/Itemid,102/ or download the Kosher Australia app for free



Besides the regular Kosher products in normal supermarkets and the kosher wines in Dan Murphey's, one can also find many kosher products in health food stores. For example in the Sprouts Health food grocer in Castle Town, Townsville there are many kosher products including Kosher Meat cold cuts and sausages.

Kosher Townsville.jpg