Jewish Students of James Cook University (JCU)

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If you are Jewish and are interested in the Jewish Events we run for the Students in JCU Cairns, JCU Townsville and JCU Mackay contact us here

1.pngJewish Life can be tough when you are away from a Jewish Community but it doesn't have to be, we are here for you!

Rabbi Ari takes care of all the spiritual needs of the students and Professor Zoltan Sarnyai of JCU has offered to help any students with any other needs. Especially those in Townsville who are worried about being so far from Jewish life. 

Contact Details of Professor Zoltan Sarnyai: [email protected] 

Some of our programs for the Jewish Students in Cairns and Townsville include:

  • Exam Care Packages
  • Fun Social Events 
  • Jewish Studies workshops
  • Challah Bake - Womens groups
  • BBQ socials
  • Shabbat and Festival Dinners
  • Kosher Food
  • Much Much More 


Let us know if you have applied to JCU and receive a free welcome packet from Chabad of North Queensland!

Your packet will include information on tons of social, cultural and educational events happening on your campus + free trips to Israel, weekend retreats, student leadership programs and much more.